We create events that inspire - since 1992



Successful events not only surprise and delight the participants; they are also designed to promote curiosity, stimulate interest, and to make a company and its brands come to life for customers, trading partners and employees.

Are there still any surprises? We believe in ideas that can make a difference. Our concept is to create one complete entity for communication and presentation. Benefit from our creative know-how to make events successful experiences that are professional in the execution, customer-oriented in the individual problem solving and people-oriented in implementation.

Event «Storytelling»

In order to attract the attention of potential customers, to be distinctive and to set yourselves apart from the competition, event storytelling can be a good method. Our concepts tell stories in an unusual way and touch the guest emotionally, they help your product be seen as a personal brand.

Event «Live-Marketing»

Our concepts strive for a dialogue with the target audience of the event, for unforgettable situations with a lasting effect and the need to communicate about this. Through their own experience with the product or brand in an unusual environment, their identification is the WOW effect that deepens and increases loyalty. Each participant feels part of the event and feels responsible for the success of the brand.

Event «Gamification»

Game elements are integrated through individual or team competition to increase motivation in the event and working with the company, brand or product strategy. Embark on a virtual paper-chase or treasure hunt: our latest event trend.

It is our intention to create an individual, tailor-made event concept, with your cooperation. You should get to know us! Please contact us, we look forward to meeting you!