Event Experts



We are looking for reinforcement for our event management team in order to achieve convincing concepts and perfectly organized incentive trips and events for our customers.

You are at home at sophisticated parties, love adventurous trips and have sensational organizational skills. You communicate in several languages, and you stay cool while under stress and show a radiant smile. When others have problems, you find solutions. Your schedule is always full. You want the best job in the world: motivating other people and making them happy by designing event concepts and support projects.

You want to apply to Interconcept? Do you think that you can develop and organize really good concepts for events of any kind around the world?

Then you are the right candidate for our aptitude test. This gives you the opportunity to convince us of your talent. And we can compare all candidates fairly. Of course, we will need the classic application documents as well. Are you ready to give it a try?

Simply complete the following 4 tasks and send your e-mail to personal@interconcept.com. It may be the beginning of a great career. We are interested in you.

  1. First we want to get to know you. Design a creative poster that sells you and gets us excited about you - your personal skills, knowledge and interests are central ideas.

  2. Now we get down to business. Which event or experience made travel a real pleasure for you? What caused migraine headaches or travel sickness? Also tell us briefly why you liked to spend time there and what experiences are still very memorable.

  3. Show others your expertise. Take a poor event invitation and find out what the message is. Now you express the same thing - in a creative invitation with a new event theme that is convincing. It is sufficient when you describe your idea in words.

  4. A customer wants to invite 500 guests to an IT trade fair to present their latest product: the smallest chip in the world. But how can a product be presented that is virtually invisible? Money is not an issue, so let your mind be completely open and write an event concept that is convincing. Imagine a fictional location, describe catering and the show and entertainment program, the agenda...



We offer an attractive, varied working environment in a dedicated team with many opportunities for your personal development. You create events in an exciting, growing area of work. We are a global company in this sector and design attractive and effective event management solutions for our customers.

Please apply solely by e-mail with a detailed application; state your salary expectations and when you are available to personal@interconcept.com. We look forward to hearing from you.