- New Yorks Insider Hot Spots

The Incentive "Inspiration" takes place in New York. When we embark on a rally of insider hot spots, we experience exciting days and even more exciting nights out. Our trend scout starts with a city tour off the beaten track, followed by a "Body & Mind Drum Workshop" in Central Park. In Tribeca we see a fashion show of trendy labels, we spend the evening at the famous French Culinary Institute. The late night drink in the “Apotheke Bar” glows and crackles mysteriously. The best steaks in the oldest steakhouse, soul food in Harlem after visiting a real gospel concert in a church. We sing country songs with the “Dixons”, and we record our inspirations in our event diary every evening.

In Chinatown, there are foot massages after a "Walk & Talk Tour", in which we receive a gift of Chinese medicine, and then we take part in a tea ceremony, accompanied by a meal of Peking duck. Stretch limos take us to the Broadway show in which we become part of the musical and actors mingle with the guests. We celebrate the grand finale with stars in the “Greenhouse”, the trendiest night club in the city that never sleeps.