- Nordic Challenge with husky, reindeer and snowmobile

An art project, which became the Ice Hotel 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, is a truly fascinating location. Here in the snowy woods, the 45 top-selling dealers are experiencing a "Nordic Challenge". They control their own husky team in a fast-paced ride through the wonderful winter landscape in order to gain the highly sought after dogsled driving license including a personalized photo.

Stack up wood and light a fire in order to make Sami coffee, throw a lasso; all teambuilding actions are quite fun. A leisurely reindeer-drawn sleigh ride ends with a torchlight hike to the tipi. Sitting on reindeer skins at an open fire, we enjoy delicious wild meat specialities in a companiable group, and we sing "Jökk" songs to "Glökk" drinks. After the show on the stage in the Ice Hotel, the evening ends with a late-night drink at the famous Ice Bar, stylishly served in glasses made of ice.

On departure day, we include a fast ride on snowmobiles as a farewell tour. Having gained lots of valuable experience, the enthusiastic participants fly back home.