- 6 back-to-back groups of 50 persons

A major part of Porto, the second largest city in Portugal, is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its charming old town is a maze of narrow, winding streets and the perfect place for exciting tasks and puzzles of our city rally.

Highlights include the famous port wine cellars on the south bank of the river “Douro”, which we want to visit after driving with traditional-style "barcos rabelos". "Port-o-tonic" is our refreshing welcome long drink, accompanied by crispy sausages on the griddle "Chouriço à bombeiro" while we listen to the sounds of "Fado" music.

On our departure day we enjoy the fresh breeze of the Atlantic Ocean and lunch at a trendy beach club before the next guests arrive. Each of the 6 groups remain 2 nights and their visits are coordinated by us back-to-back. The success of this incentive trip is shown to us everywhere by all the happy faces.