- Sales campaign "GO" 40 key account managers are ready to go

The annual sales incentive «GO» sends you to the end of the world and back. To be here is the thing. In the dead of winter, our client is flying the 40 most successful key account managers into summer. White sandy beaches, gentle waves and turquoise lagoons: Mauritius the island of your dreams. In exotic and romantic scenery, we experience action-packed adventures. Mysterious places are discovered, a treasure is recovered, and we even swim with dolphins. When quad biking, you drive at full throttle through sugar cane fields and drive up the steep slopes of the hills with spectacular views. Wild monkeys scare us in a wooded area.

The longest zipline in the Indian Ocean has a scope with 2 km in 7 stages. Pure adrenaline at 22 seconds of free fall on the 400 m zipline. The rough wide canyons of the high mountain landscape, up to 60 meters high, have to be crossed. On the return flight, the last riddle is to be solved, and the winner is already invited to the next incentive. For the rest: Generate highly motivated sales to be able to participate again. Be here. Get it done. Show you're the pro. Go for it.