- Global Partners Conference in Prague

The golden city of Prague is the destination of the Global Partners Conference with 80 guests from all over the world. The conference participants, global players in the glass industry, are invited to the legendary Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the building of a former monastery from the 14th century for four days by our customer.

Boldly staged, the welcome evening with 30 artists is the stunning WOW in the exclusively rented black light theater.

Effects like shower of rain or the dancing company logo in the extraordinary 3-D show sweep the guests into a virtual fantasy world. The city tour is accompanied by theatrical performers, which bring the historical story of Prague to life.

The noble Trend Club “Sasazu” offers gourmet creations of award-winning celebrity chefs as a contrast to Czech cuisine in the oldest jazz club in the world, accompanied by jazz and blues at its best. The survey gives us a sensational feedback report and we are as happy as our customers about this splendid success.