- Lucky winners of the sales contest winter tires

Welcome to the most northern training area in the world. 300 km north of the Arctic Circle, the temperature is minus 25 ° C during the day, and in the streets, there is a thick layer of ice and snow. Perfect conditions to learn how to drive in a winter area.

Near the Finnish city Ivalo we experience an intensive driver training up to the limit. Participants have to demonstrate their skills, the qualities of the vehicles and the spike winter tires while driving slalom routes, demanding handling courses and circular paths. Experienced instructors teach us skillful drifts and explain the difference between four-wheel and rear-wheel drive. Switch ESP off, then you can start. As a "moose accident test", we learn to master the vehicle in emergency situations. Also icekart, snow go-karting and a ride as a "co-pilot" in a race taxi with a real race champion support ultimate driving pleasure.

Who has stayed a night in an igloo and looked at the aurora borealis at the same time? Both are possible since our igloos are made of glass, completely fascinating.