- Racetrack and Rally Road Book

Valencia with its numerous attractions, the historic old town and the modern City of Arts & Science is the ideal destination for the presentation of the new high-performance summer tire. The popular motor sport race track is our testing ground for dynamic driving, also in wet handling area. In a rapid panoramic ride with Audi convertibles, our road book guides the 40 top clients through rough 1500 m mountain slopes in stunning countryside, while the qualities of the tire are fully experienced.

Stretch limousines pick up guests from the Hotel Las Arenas, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, and nightlife guides show us the hot spots of the city. At the conference center of the hotel, situated at the wide sandy beach, the participants share valuable insights, before an atmospheric evening is cheerfully celebrated under the slogan "Spanish Night". The goal of creating brand fascination with this new tire is fully achieved. Success for Tyfoon Successor 5.